About Red Swan

Red Swan is a nickname given to me by one of my 48 first cousins. I believe she gave me the name because of my difference in physical appearance in comparison to my family. Light-skinned with reddish-brown hair, I stood out in comparison to my brown-skinned, raven-haired cousins. She called me Red Swan. I called her Raven. But the name has become more than just an appearance-related moniker. As I chase my own mortality and search for my path upon this planet, I bear in mind the legend of this majestic bird.

Within Native American mythology, specifically the Algonquin tribes, there is the story of an immortal red swan who continued to swim and fly towards the setting sun after being wounded by three magic arrows. The legend is the explanation for the crimson glow that spreads across the water at sunset.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow captured the legendary swan in his poem, Hiawatha:

Can it be the sun descending o’er the level plain of water?

Or the Red Swan floating, flying,  wounded by the Magic Arrow

 staining all the waves with crimson,

with the crimson of its life-blood

Filling all the air with splendour

With the splendour of its plumage?


One Response to “About Red Swan”

  1. WOW! So you might think I am crazy but God gave me a picture of a Red Swan before I went to bed one night… like a saw it in my mind and was wondering why in the world I was seeing that. So I jumped on-line and started looking for something about a Red Swan. I came to your site. I almost fainted as I was reading! The Red Swan that you are so facinated by is a picture of Jesus Himself.

    He is immortal
    The Son (sun) of God
    Was wounded on the cross….blood and water poured from His side.
    His blood shed for us is life-blood…. the splendour of His plumage was glorious indeed…yet He still lives! WOW!
    Its also interesting that there were 3 arrows… Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. haha. Be blessed to ponder 🙂

    I am not a Bible thumper….promise 🙂 Just someone who knows Jesus and loves how He reveals Himself to His amazing creation! Praying for His wisdom and knowledge to infultrate your very being! Awesome post!

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